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Monday, March 06, 2006

Last & First (Day 02)

Alrighty, the winds and currents weren't as crazy as the day before, allowing everyone to have a more comfortable journey and dive.. With the raging winds, pummeling waves and surging currents from the day before; this morning's dive briefing had a crucial stress on dive safety.

As much as we like to focus our course on reef ecology, and natural history, it is impossible to make dive procedure and safety a distinct aspect because it is only after we ensure the safety of participants and the comfort of this assurance, that we as guides can more effectively convey the conservation message that is our objective.

So guides, continue to rehearse your dive and safety procedures in your head whenever you do a dive (I know several of you have booked the coming weekends or weeks at your favourite Malaysia dive site!) When you listen to your dive masters briefing on these dives (hopefully they are good ones, otherwise, diss it and know why!) take note on their methodology and systematics. In theory, we mentioned that we are always learning - these are some of the ways to keep yourself up-to-date and growing.

That said, we look forward to seeing most of you again on "graduation" nite. Until then, here are pictures from this weekend's dive - we don't have the pix yet, but Jani's team saw a Tigertail Seahorse and Moray eel! Awesome!