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Secret lives and secret worlds hidden in Singapore's most popular coral reef.

Saturday, January 28, 2006


Friday, January 27, all gathered at the Gill Divers venue for Theory 2 of Xplore! Progam classes. This evening's tutors were the dynamic, scientific crew from NUS and TMSI, Jani Tuahibah, Loh Tse Lynn and Zeehan Jaafar - we could assemble no better a crew to bring you the topics of the evening.

Always a comfortable setting for our trainees, all keen and attentive. Alot of conversation and question occured during this tutorial, probably because of the intricacy and familiarity of the subjects to spur lots of curiosity!

We try out best to be tech-savvy. Lacking a projector, we carried out the presentation on the TV at Gill Divers. A little bit higher to reach, but still good enough for all.

Getting around our reefs: Maps, reference objects and descents. Familiarising yourself to the topography of the reef is absolutely important for a comfortable and effective dive for both you and your participants. Tse-Lyns map here even shows you where to look out for specific organisms such as nudibranchs and shrimps! Outstanding!