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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Papers and Passes for Practicals

Yup, we're back in for another Friday night to talk about corals, Singapore, and diving. The final topic of the week was on The Principles of dive guiding techniques and dive safety, tutored by Jacki Ng of Gill Divers, and myself, representing the Hantu Bloggers.

In the 4 hour tutorial, we discussed issues such as what makes a good guide, of course including dive guiding tips such as reef interaction techniques, reef mapping, reading currents, navigation, and so on.

More serious and pertinent issues were also discussed, though not in as great detail as we would've liked it to be, but safety procedures, briefings as well as action plans (EMS) were also presented. Trainees got the chance to learn more about the real risks of DCS/I and how/what are the various risks or emergencies we are likely to encounter locally. Particularly in the safety section, but probably throughout the course, we had limited time to discuss in detail the intricacies of our subjects; but this is because what we're doing here is training you to be GUIDES, which means (as we have mentioned before) we expect participants to already fulfill a minimal level of dive competency because this is the mediumn in which the guiding will be conducted. For example, someone who's uncomfortable in hiking boots and chugging up forest trails, with low fitness, would probably not make an ideal forest guide. Same thing applies.