Vol 10 No 3 Jul-Sep 02
Rufous-backed Kingfisher
Photo by Ong Kiem Sian

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Rufous-backed KingfisherNesting Secrets of the Rufous-backed Kingfisher Hours of patient observation paid off for a group of NSS birders as they watched the nesting activities of a pair of Rufous-backed Kingfishers. Lim Kim Chuah gives a detailed fascinating account of their breeding process.

Common Rose butterfly Tale of the Common Rose and the Dutchman's Pipe In nature, symbiotic relationships often happen over time and that between the Common Rose and the Dutchman's Pipe is a good example. KF Yap takes a close look at how a lovely swallowtail butterfly and a straggly climbing plant get along.

Injured Pitta BirdSave the Bird An injured pitta bird found temporary sanctuary in the home of Lee Liak Peng who had the satisfaction of seeing it gain strength and fly away back into the wild.

Cleaning up the CoastInternational Coastal Cleanup Singapore An annual cleanup of marine litter on Singapore's shores, conducted as part of an international campaign, netted three tonnes of rubbish in less than two hours, giving an insight into the trash problem at home, and hopefully, pointing out the way to a solution. N. Sivasothi reports.

Cork-stem Passion FlowerPlant Fact Sheet The slender cork-stem passion flower has a religious significance for Christians as Wee Yeow Chin reveals.
Common Rose butterflyBlue-eared KingfisherPulau AurCleaning up the mangroves
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