Vol 9 No 2 Apr-Jun 01
Golden Orb Web Spider
(Nephila sp.) one of an
astonishing 600 native
Singapore spider species
Photo by Jimmy Chew

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Spotted Wood OwlObserving Singapore's Nature Take time to observe the beauty and variety of Nature around us and feel empowered to help preserve it, urges Jimmy Chew, who captures for posterity the wonders of Nature with his lens.

First sign of springNature conservation by the Community London may be one of the world's most swinging urban cities; yet, it is also a true advocate of nature conservation. Woodlands, parks, commons have a place in the capital city where biodiversity is more than just a convenient label. Trixie Tan reports.

Pearly TreefrogA Peek at Java's Herpetofauna Java's national parks and reserves are wonderful havens for some of the world's most exotic reptiles and amphibians. Leong Tzi Ming goes in search of these delightfully colourful creatures.

Portraits of native fishAn Aquarium in the Wild Singapore's forest streams teem with some of the most colourful species of freshwater fish.
Yong Ding Li takes a closer look with photos by Robert Khoo.

Rain Water Harvesting in Urban Areas Water is man's lifeline.
D. Kumaran Raju
takes a look at how this precious resource in the form of rain water can be harvested.
Pattern of duckweed on lily leafGrass Yellow butterfly on JatrophaOlive-backed Sunbird feeding youngStriped Blue Crow ButterflyKuhl's Angle-headed LizardDwarf SnakeheadForest GeckoGreen Flying Frog: male clasping femaleJavan TreefrogForest Betta
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