Articles on nature and the environment concerning Singapore and the region.
Published mainly in EcoWatch, The New Paper, Singapore.

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Why was this done?

N. Sivasothi, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, explains the need for the archival of Jen Lee's articles, and why he initiated this project and approached Jen Lee: "We lose information as fast as it is generated and some of these issues require long-term solutions, and the articles need to be referred to repeatedly over the years... ... The print media can help to educate and protect... ..."


A project by Jacqueline Lau, Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research Toddycats: "When Siva asked if I was willing to take on this project, I imagined it to be a task simply involving repetitive scanning and uploading. Sure, it was that, but it was more - this was a learning experience for me, in that there was something learnt for every article archived; I spent hours in PhotoShop reading up the old news. Jen Lee's writings expose the harsh realities of the environmental and conservation scene in Singapore, but it also brings an uplifting note in highlighting favourable developments and initiatives. I do hope that these articles will prove to be a useful resource and reference for anyone with an interest in our local brown - and green - issues."


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Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research