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Javan MynaSingapore's Top Bird In the recently conducted mid-year bird census, the Javan Myna came up tops as Singapore's most common bird. Lim Kim Seng reports.

Face Painting at Nature DayNature Day 2001
The annual Nature Day, organised by the Nature Society (Singapore), invariably attracts large crowds. This year was no exception as Nature Day pulled in nature lovers and those wanting to know more about the environment and our natural heritage and how they can help to conserve it as Trixie Tan observes.

NSS new clubhouseHow a Budding Friendship Flowered NSS has a new clubhouse. Read about how it came about. By Ilsa Sharp.

Nature Day activities Nature in the City Interest in nature is well and alive as a three-day "enviro-fest", organised by NSS, was anything to go by. Shawn Lum reports.

participants birdwatchingLike-minded Meet to protect Future for Birds Nature Society (Singapore) is a full partner of BirdLife International, and sent its representative to participate in the Global Partnership meeting last year. Lim Kim Seng gives the lowdown.

Boxing crabCelebrate Our Oceans An exhibition by the NSS with a visual feast of vivid images of the amazing underwater life seen through the lenses of some of Singapore's best underwater photographers. Text by Chua Sek Chuan.

Forest nutmegIs Our Oldest Forest Dying? For hundreds, maybe thousands, of years Bukit Timah regenerated itself. But now, many of the fruit-eating birds and mammals are gone. Ayesha Ercelawn reports on a Tree Census of more than 13,000 trees to ascertain whether the ancient forest is still capable of replicating itself.

celebrities at the bird raceCelebrities in Hot Pursuit of Birds TV personalities, writers and S-League footballers dragged themselves out of bed early one April morning and gamely went in pursuit of birds in the Celebrity Bird Race to raise funds for Nature Society (Singapore). The real surprise though is that they loved it, learnt much from the experience and fell in love with birds and birdwatching.

NSS personalities

Sutari SupariUnstoppable Sutari Readers will be effused with the energies of this talented indefatigable nature artist. By Betty L Khoo.

Prof KhooNSS's Brave Heart President, Prof Khoo Hong Woo The man who leads the Society in these challenging times is much like the man at the head of a team of fire fighters. Yap Kian Wee talks to the NSS President and finds that his heart is in the right place to lead the fight for Nature.

Dr P N AvadhaniDr P N Avadhani: Like An Old Huggable Tree Huggable like an old tree is how Betty L Khoo profiles and describes the man who is an NSS stalwart. And like a sturdy tree, the good professor has nurtured both many an NSS member and their interests. A youthful 65 year-old, he feels that he still has much to contribute in the areas of nature education and research.

Enthusiasm More Important than U Degree Many NSS members are familiar with S. Rajamanikam, the society's best-known trip leader. Betty L Khoo profiles the intrepid nature lover, who became the society's Chairman in 1983. He later decided to devote his energies to leading nature trips in Singapore and all over the world.

Lim Kim KeangLim Kim Keang: Bird or Butterfly Man? Discover some surprising tit-bits on this dynamic head of the NSS Bird Group. Betty L Khoo profiles this council member of Bird Life Asia Council and tells us what makes this 47-year-old engineer and nature lover tick, and how during his kampung childhood, he began to love and understand Nature.