Vol 10 No 2 Apr-Jun 02
Aquatic dragon fly
Photo by Jimmy Chew

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Black-winged KiteKranji Kaleidoscope They may only be marshes but they are habitats to a wondrous world of plants and animals. For a time, it looked as if our marshes would have to make way for a golf course until a compromise was reached to preserve part of them. Good news for nature lovers as Kranji Bund Marshes are rich in biodiversity. Ho Hua Chew reports.

Flats next to mangrovesMangroves and Homes can co-exist Mangroves in Singapore are often reclaimed when they get in the way of residential development. But they can be preserved; in fact, there are benefits to having mangroves around. Diane Tan reports.

Students exploring wetlandsWetlands Alive! Learning how to treat the environment with care is best inculcated from a young age, writes Martha Began. As proof, at the Singapore American School, its Eco-Ed programme by high school students for their junior turned out to be a most rewarding experience.

Yellow-crowned Night HeronChoosing the Right Road Graeme Guy takes a look at Ding Darling Refuge in Florida, one of the most successful cases of wildlife conservation and is convinced that Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve, which has many similarities, is on the right road.

Jerdon's BazaAnimals of Langkawi The rainforests of Langkawi are brimming with wildlife even around resort areas as Morten Strange finds out, much to his delight.

Blue Pea flowerPlant Fact Sheet Wee Yeow Chin reveals some fascinating, little-known facts about the Blue Pea flower, commonly used to dye local Nyonya kueh-kueh.
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