Vol 10 No 1 Jan-Mar 02
Mating grasshoppers in FRIM
Photo by Leong Tzi Ming

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Ghost's Foot leafRewards of Reforestation A regenerated forest can be no less inferior to a primeval one, as Leong Tzi Ming discovers during a visit to Kepong where FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) planted more than 700 species of trees on abandoned, worked-over lands several decades ago. The result, today, is a vibrant forest rich with flora and fauna where the visitor feels truly in touch with Nature.

Tonkat Ali fruitAli's Walking Stick It is a humble plant, thriving even on poor soils in forests. Yet, it has been acclaimed as a wonder folk medicine, able to cure a long list of ailments. Effective, too, as a male aphrodisiac. Fact or fiction? Tay Pei Yun and Hugh T. W. Tan conduct a research on Tongkat Ali to find out.

Spotted Wood-owlTwilight for Bidadari Few people would wander into cemeteries to look for wildlife. Yet, Bidadari, one of Singapore's oldest cemeteries, was a haven for a wide variety of brids, lizards and other creatures, as Goh Si Guim found out to his delight. Alas, all this will soon be gone when the graves of Bidadari make way for housing and other developments.

Statue at Bukit BrownBeautiful Bukit Brown Spared the fate of Bidadari is Bukit Brown, another—smaller—cemetery that harbours not only a pocket of nature, but is also a treasure trove of Chinese culture as Liz McKenzie discovers.

Star of Madagascar orchidA Botanist in Madagascar Long recognised as a naturalist's paradise, Madagascar is home to many unique plants of which the baobab is, perhaps, the most fascinating. Of the world's eight species of baobas, seven grow on the island and of these, six are endemic, found only on Madagascar and nowhere else on earth. Wee Yeow Chin goes on the baobab trail.

KoalaKangaroo Island: Hopping with Wildlife One of Australia's best kept secrets is Kangaroo Island, where some of the world's rarest wildlife species are thriving, thanks to an unspoilt environment and a lack of predators. Tan Chung Lee reports.

Indian Birthwort flowerPlant Fact Sheet Get to know your plants in this first of a series by Wee Yeow Chin who profiles, in this issue, the intriguing Indian Birthwort (Aristolochia tagala).
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