Vol 9 No 4 Oct-Dec 01
Unique blooms of Hoya lasiantha
a rare forest epiphyte of northern Malaysia, recently discovered
Photo by K F. Yap

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HoyaHeavenly Hoyas The beauty of hoyas is striking. The 200 recorded species of these twirling vines—many of which can be found in Singapore and Malaysia—have their own characteristic flowers which never fail to delight the eye as Leong Lup San discovers.

Male Baya Weaver birdBaya Weavers—Builders Extraordinaire The small and industrious Baya Weaver is a perfectionist when it comes to building nests. Graeme Guy is clearly enthralled after watching a pair in action.

Javan MynaSingapore's Top Bird In the recently conducted mid-year bird census, the Javan Myna came up tops as Singapore's most common bird. Lim Kim Seng reports.

Gurney's PittaPlight of the Gurney's Pitta The destruction of the rainforest for timber and land cultivation has threatened the survival of the Gurney's Pitta—the world's rarest Pitta, laments Lim Kim Chuah who had the chance to glimpse the splendour of this gem of a bird in Khao Nor Chuchi in Thailand where only 23 survive.

KoalaExploring the Wildlife behind the Gold Sowing the seeds of love for nature in children is not as difficult as it seems, as Kakali Majumbar finds out during a family vacation in a Queensland wildlife sanctuary.

Book Review "Rebels with a Cause" is how the eco-thriller, Redheads, which contains valuable lessons in saving our declining tropical rainforests, has been described. Betty L. Khoo reviews.
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