Vol 9 No 3 Jul-Sep 01
Sea grass bed interspersed with
anemones at Chek Jawa
Photo by Leong Kwok Peng

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Sponge at Chek JawaTanjung Chek Jawa: A Treasure to Behold A unique ecosystem, found nowhere else in Singapore, thrives along the south-east coast of Pulau Ubin. Alas, this rich pocket of biodiversity is being threatened with extinction because of impending plans for land reclamation. Chua Sek Chuan and Shawn Lum make an impassioned plea to save this area—an important part of our natural and cultural heritage—for future generations to enjoy.

Chek Jawa Days—A Father's Letter Joseph Lai's letter to his son depicts very movingly the beauty and poetry of nature and her place in our personal memories and shared heritage.

Face Painting at Nature DayNature Day 2001 The annual Nature Day, organised by the Nature Society (Singapore), invariably attracts large crowds. This year was no exception as Nature Day pulled in nature lovers and those wanting to know more about the environment and our natural heritage and how they can help to conserve it as Trixie Tan observes.

Hand of Large Forest GeckoGet Close with Geckoes They are commonly viewed as household nuisances but geckoes are actually very interesting creatures with unique characteristics. They also play a vital role in Nature's food chain. Leong Tzi Ming takes takes you on a close and personal encounter with geckoes.

Haunt of the Straw-headed BulbulNature—Free for All to Enjoy Nature thrives even in so-called wastelands. Left untouched, they regenerate and become pockets of rich flora and fauna which deserve to be preserved. Trixie Tan reports.

at Corbett National ParkOn the Tiger Trail India is acknowledged as one of the best places to go tiger watching and Corbett National Park, with its high population of tigers and an active conservation programme, is a well known sanctuary for this big cat. Tan Chung Lee goes on the tiger trail.

Tiger at RanthambhoreTigers of Ranthambhore Another tiger habitat in India is Ranthambhore National Park. It may not be as well visited as Corbett, but, says Wee Yeow Chin, the chances of sighting tigers are greater, and he was not disappointed.
Sponge at Chek JawaSponge at Chek JawaSponge at Chek JawaSponge at Chek JawaFiddler Crab at Chek JawaTiger at RanthamboreKendall's Rock GeckoHead of Tokay GeckoRamganga River, Corbett National Park
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