Vol 8 No 4 Oct-Dec 00
Dark-sided Chorus Frogs
in amplexus in a puddle
Photo by Tan Tze Siang

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Common GreenbackLeaping Frogs and Toads! These amphibious creatures have a fascinating tale to tell. Heard more often than seen, they play an important role in the ecological food chain, but their survival is being threatened world wide as Leong Tzi Ming reports

Sailing up the Sedili RiverMawai Kem-eco Right on Singapore's doorstep is a rustic camp tucked amid mangroves and located near a jungle where elephants and tigers are said to roam. Here, urban folks can commune with nature and go on guided walks to learn about the local flora and fauna. Trixie Tan goes exploring.

Smooth OtterRing of Bright Water Watch the playful antics of the adorable Smooth Otters of Sungei Buloh as they wallow in the mud and swim in the river. Nick Baker observes. Nick's webpage of the article.

How a Budding Friendship Flowered
NSS has a new clubhouse. Read about how it came about. By Ilsa Sharp.

Straw-headed BulbulsBukit Batok's Musical Wonders An old granite quarry transformed into a scenic park has become home to a variety of birds, as Ong Kiem Sian discovers.

Spotted Owlet Birds of Bharatpur When migratory birds stop over in India, they head straight for the Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur, joining its feathered residents in waiting out the winter. Many of the rare and spectacular birds found here include the Siberian Crane. Tan Chung Lee reports.
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