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  Nuts Over Nudibranchs
Photos by David Wong

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Phyllidia ocellata

Risbecia pulchella

What strange animals are these with such a racy name? Nudibranchs are actually molluscs with no shells, related to snails, clams and the amazing octopus and cuttlefish. The name is made up of two words, 'nudi' meaning naked and 'branch' meaning gills. Basically, these animals are characterised by exposed gills. Anything this soft and obvious will, of course, get eaten in a jiffy!

So how do they protect themselves? Some manufacture a chemical that makes them taste bad, while others eat animals that have stinging cells and simply incorporate them into their own body.

This portfolio of nudibranchs was photographed by a Singaporean underwater photographer and dive instructor, David Wong, in Singapore.


Clossodoris cinta

Tritonopsilla alba

Jorunna funebris

Yes! There is life in Singapore waters! I invite you to partake of this visual feast and marvel at the colours and shapes of these wonderful animals.

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