Vol 8 No 3 Jul-Sep 00
Flabellina sp. in the
waters off Pulau Hantu
Photo by David Wong

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coralUnveiling the Seas The wonders of the seas of Singapore and their myriad underwater creatures are unravelled in this fascinating account of marine life. By Chua Sek Chuan, with a portfolio of fabulous nudibranchs by David Wong.

Orange-billed LorikeetIrian Jaya—Paradise for Birds The birds of paradise have to be seen to be believed. Their impossibly long and colourful plumes give the enchanting birds a mystical quality and made them a quarry for years by tribesmen coveting their beautiful feathers. Morten Strange goes in search.

Firefly (Pteroptyx tener)Flare of the Fireflies The spectacle of twinkling fireflies in a darkened forest is a sight to behold as a bedazzled Nick Baker finds out on a recent visit to Kuala Selangor Nature Park.

Plain-pouched HornbillReturn of the Plain-pouched Hornbill The rarely sighted Plain-pouched Hornbill is alive and well and can be seen at Belum, Perak. A group of bird lovers watch spellbound at the flights of thousands of the colourful pouched birds. Sutari Supari reports.

Short-tailed Magpie, KinabaluDeep in Danum Valley The lush Danum Valley is one of Sabah's best-kept secrets—the perfect place for a nature romp. Ong Kiem Sian reports.
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