Vol 8 No 2 Apr-Jun 00
Little Grebe
(Tachybaptus ruficollis)
Less than 10 left in Singapore
Photo by Jimmy Chew

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Straw-headed BulbulssConserving Singapore's Biodiversity The precious remaining natural habitats in Singapore are in jeopardy if urgent steps are not taken to preserve the flora and fauna existing in these unique pockets of biodiversity. Lim Kim Seng examines the issues and makes some recommendations.

Nature Day activities Nature in the City Interest in nature is well and alive as a three-day "enviro-fest", organised by NSS, was anything to go by. Shawn Lum reports.

Tailorbird removing fecal sacA Tale of Two Tailorbirds A fascinating eye-witness account of how the aptly-named Common Tailorbirds stitch their nests, with photos and diagrams. By Ong Kiem Sian.

Pteroceras pallidum A Showcase of Endangered Native Plants in Singapore Hugh T W Tan captures with his photo-lens the beauty of endangered native plant species of Singapore, with information on their status and uses.

wildflower at KakaduKakadu Kaleidoscope Wildlife abounds in the wetlands and woodlands of the vast Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site, located deep in Australia's Northern Territory. Tan Chung Lee goes in search of them.
MacRitchie Reservoirwildflower at KakaduBeach Bat LilySingapore Kopsiaface-painting at Nature DayGriffith's cryptocoryneYellow Water, KakaduFlying FoxPteroceras pallidum
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