Vol 8 No 1 Jan-Mar 00
Wild dolphin off the coast of
Komodo Island, Indonesia
Photo by Jimmy Chew

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Bottlenose DolphinDolphins and Us We can learn more from these intelligent mammals left in the wild than in captivity. Daniel Goh from Jalan Hijau gives us the cold hard facts. Watching Dolphins for Pleasure and Study Catherine Brassaud tells how you can contribute towards the long-term protection of wild dolphins.

Paradise in the Wilds The Endau-Rompin National Park is worth visiting. Find out what Prof Ng Soon Chye experienced when he went to make a short film on birds.

close-up of Comet Moth Madagascar: Land of the Baobabs and the Lemurs The fourth largest island in the world is a treasure trove for nature-lovers. Dr Wee Yeow Chin shows the unique wonders of "one of the world's highest conservation priorities.

Curry Leaf An Indispensable Ingredient of Indian Curries Tan Wee Kee and Hugh T W Tan reveal the many secret properties of the humble curry leaf plant.

Copperthroated SunbirdMaking their Homes among Orchids Raymond Poon captures the Copper-throated Sunbirds at close range on Pulau Ubin.

participants birdwatchingLike-minded Meet to protect Future for Birds Nature Society (Singapore) is a full partner of BirdLife International, and sent its representative to participate in the Global Partnership meeting last year. Lim Kim Seng gives the lowdown.
Irrawaddy DolphinIndo-Pacific Humpbacked DolphinBlue Lake, Kuala MarongDugongRing-tailed LemurComet Moth with long "tail"gecko from MadagascarCurry Leaf Plant fruits
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