Vol 7 No 3 Sep-Dec 99
Hill Myna (Gracula religiosa)
In Singapore, threatened by
habitat destruction
and poaching
Photo by Phang Tuck Phew

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Sutari SupariUnstoppable Sutari Readers will be effused with the energies of this talented indefatigable nature artist. By Betty L Khoo.

Verditer FlycatcherThe "Green of Earth" Bird Christian Artuso narrates his determination, despite much discomfort, to photograph the attractive Verditer Flycatcher in Fraser's Hill.

Flying DragonAwakening to MacRitchie's Forest Riches Goh Si Guim takes us on a walk to explore the depth of MacRitchie's worth—its rich biodiversity

Tiger at Madhya PradeshLooking into the Eye of the Tiger
A Bastion
wrote this exciting account of the travels of five 'girls' through three national parks in India to look for tigers and they come away jubilant!

Licuala palm leafThe Fan Palms are Waving at You Armed with this comprehensive and informative article on fan palms, with lots of photos, readers should be enticed to go out to identify them in our nature areas and the Botanic Gardens. By Adrian H B Loo and Hugh T W Tan.

Dhamma Walk on the Khlaung WongA Mindful Walk Round the Thale Sap Songkhla This is a peaceful 135km walk to highlight the serious adverse effects of pollution, over-fishing, industrialisation and deforestation on Lake Songkhla. Participants learn how the villagers try to solve these difficult problems. By Peter Burt, Ted Mayer and George Jacobs.
of flora and fauna.

Book Review
"Learning to Fly" by Audrey Chin
George Jacobs believes that the book will inspire us to do some flying of our own, with our course set towards enjoying and protecting nature.
snakebird at Rajasthantiger seeking by elephantthe Dhamma Walk comes across a dam being builtSterculiaVerditer FlycatcherRed-bearded Bee-eaterdrawing by SutariWild IxoraOpened Sterculiadrawing by Sutari
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