Vol 6 No 3 Sep-Dec 98
Wasp at Schefflera flower
Photo by Tan Tze Tiong

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Of Aliens that Follow in Man's footsteps Lim Kim Seng discusses the deliberate and accidental "introductions' of plant and animal species into places they've never been before and the harm they can do, including Aliens in Singapore. Unfortunately, there appears to be No Winners in the War against Aliens.

Toddy Palm (Borassus flabellifer)Toddy Palms sentinels of Singapore's College of Medicine. Photos and information on their uses as a source of toddy, writing paper, timber and role in the habitat. By E H Wu and Y C Wee.

Drawing of Snipe from the Farquhar CollectionBird Collecting 120 years ago Some things have actually changed for the better after a century, reports Richard E Hale as he tells of how birds were shot and stuffed in the past.

Rorippa heterophyllaVegetable or Weed? They're good reasons for 'taming' this weed ('yea-kok-choi' Rorippa heterophylla) by potting, growing and eating it too, report Tan Woei Yng and H T W Tan.

Day-flying mothNo Insects, No Breakfast! An eye-opener on the importance of all insects to humans. Our Lifeline—The Forgotten Pollinators A summary and review of a book that explains our connection with the insect world by Betty L Khoo.
Wood Nymph ButterflyBlue-crowned Hanging Parrot on Indian Coral blossomPair of Asian Swifts nesting on Toddy PalmDrawing of Large-tailed Nightjar from the Farquhar CollectionDrawing of Peaceful Dove from the Farquhar CollectionDrawing of Bustard Quail from the Farquhar CollectionDrawing of Java Sparrows from the Farquhar CollectionDrawing of Snipes from the Farquhar Collection
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