Vol 6 No 1 Jan-Mar 98
Male Crimson Sunbird
(Aethopyga siparaja)
on heliconia flowers
Photo by Ong Kiem Sian

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seedling of the rare PemphisSeeding a Dream Plant a robust seed tree and one day you may have a forest. Biologist Jean W H Yong is fulfilling his dream of active replanting and saving Singapore's last coastal trees.

Prof KhooNSS's Brave Heart President,
Prof Khoo Hong Woo
The man who leads the Society in these challenging times is much like the man at the head of a team of fire fighters. Yap Kian Wee talks to the NSS President and finds that his heart is in the right place to lead the fight for Nature.

Forest nutmegIs Our Oldest Forest Dying? For hundreds, maybe thousands, of years Bukit Timah regenerated itself. But now, many of the fruit-eating birds and mammals are gone. Ayesha Ercelawn reports on a Tree Census of more than 13,000 trees to ascertain whether the ancient forest is still capable of replicating itself.

Amy Ede and her orchidsThe Ede's 'Garden of Eden' There is tiny pocket in Singapore where Nature and Man co-exist in peace and harmony. Bird enthusiast and nature photographer Ong Kiem Sian shares her bird sanctuary with our readers, with fabulous photos of the birds that can be found there.

GorillaGorillas, how I miss them Goh Yue Yun pines for the infant gorillas she adopted after a visit to Rwanda (Africa) and Dian Fossey's threatened gorilla sanctuary

male IoraExpectant Ioras Build their Nests
... in a park and heavy human traffic! Raymond Poon was as anxious for their safety as the fine feathered expectant parents.

flowers of the rare Pemphismale Purple-breasted SunbirdForest nutmegOrchids at the Ede's gardensTowering SerayaLittle Spiderhunter on Torch Gingerfruit of Seashore Pandanflowers of Lumnitzera littoreamangroves on St. John's Island
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