Vol 5 No 4 Oct-Dec 97

A tree at Choa Chu Kang
which was cut down before
it could be identified
Photo by Tan Tze Siong

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Oriental Dwarf KingfisherA Spectacle of Life at Sime Forest Dawn breaks at MacRitchie Reservoir and what greets the ear and eye is the myriad species of birds—migratory and resident—and their fleeting presence. Cheong Loong Fah, Lau Won Soon and Goo Chuen Hang capture the magic of our feathered friends as morning unfolds.
Dr P N AvadhaniDr P N Avadhani: Like An Old Huggable Tree Huggable like an old tree is how Betty L Khoo profiles and describes the man who is an NSS stalwart. And like a sturdy tree, the good professor has nurtured both many an NSS member and their interests. A youthful 65 year-old, he feels that he still has much to contribute in the areas of nature education and research.
celebrities at the bird raceCelebrities in Hot Pursuit of Birds TV personalities, writers and S-League footballers dragged themselves out of bed early one April morning and gamely went in pursuit of birds in the Celebrity Bird Race to raise funds for Nature Society (Singapore). The real surprise though is that they loved it, learnt much from the experience and fell in love with birds and birdwatching.
Rose of IndiaJohn Corner and His Trees Half a century ago, the late botanist John Corner noted 96 different kinds of common trees along the Esplanade to the far end of Orchard Road. Sadly, many are not standing today. Still, in the words of John Corner, "we must not forget that one mark of civilisation is the regard man bestows on wild things". So follow in his footsteps and walk among the trees along the waysides wherever you may be. Compiled by Betty L Khoo and Goh Si Guim.
female Great HornbillThere's a Great Hornbill Outside my Window! The upside of living on a 10th floor apartment with a huge balcony and opposite the Botanic Gardnes is that you get some pretty interesting visitors—a Great Hornbill for one. Dr Tham Suet Lan writes of how rewarding birdwatching has become for her.
male Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker at nestFlowerpeckers: Tiny Birds with Big Brave Hearts They may be tiny but they are tough, tenacious and caring parents. Ms Ong Kiem Sian observes and photographs them as they go about their daily routine. With fabulous photos of them at the nest.

Book Review
Birding in Indonesia: A Birdwatcher's Guide to the World's Largest Archipelago
Jepson P and Ounsted R (eds.)
Lim Kim Seng reviews an attractive book that deals in great depth on birding in Indonesia. Fascinating features on birds are scattered throughout the main text and the book is well illustrated with good quality photographs.
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