Vol 5 No 2 Apr-Jun 97

Green Crested Lizard
Photo by Raymond Poon

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Bishan ParkHow Well are Humans and Wildlife Sharing 'Green' Corridors? A multi-disciplinary team from the National University of Singapore share the preliminary findings of their research into the Park Connector System, which is the beginning of 'networking nature' in Singapore. Clive Briffett, Lily Kong, Belinda Yuen and Navjot Sodhi share their own personal comments.

Wildlife choked by rubbishChoking Mother Nature If you think that clean-up campaigns and recycling are the ultimate answer to our garbage and land-fill problems, think again. Betty L Khoo says that we must instead look to stop creating waste that is choking nature to death.

Lim Kim KeangLim Kim Keang: Bird or Butterfly Man? Discover some surprising tit-bits on this dynamic head of the NSS Bird Group. Betty L Khoo profiles this council member of Bird Life Asia Council and tells us what makes this 47-year-old engineer and nature lover tick, and how during his kampung childhood, he began to love and understand Nature.

Robber CrabChristmas Island in June The NSS Bird Group descended on this island in the Indian Ocean during the month of June. Although not many land crabs were seen, they were rewarded with the sight of thousands of birds as it was the nesting season. Ng Bee Choo reports, with photographs by Alan Owyong.

Book Review
Two books on water and its importance are reviewed. Adriel Yap reviews a book that says water needs plants, fish and mammals to be able to regenerate and continue its life-giving cycle. Ilsa Sharp reviews a book that contains grim statistics and revelations concerning the abuse of our natural water supplies.
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