Vol 5 No 1 Jan-Mar 97

Oriental Scops-Owl (Otus sunia)
A rare migrant with only two
recorded sightings in Singapore
Photo by Goo Chuen Hang

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Collared Scops-OwlClose Encounters with Owls of Singapore These mysterious, nocturnal birds are sought out by Dr Ho Hua Chew as he attempts to document their lifestyles. He describes one encounter with a Brown Hawk-Owl "...as if I had encountered something out of this world".

Dysoxylum cauliflorumRainforest Rojak The wonders of MacRitchie Nature Trail are exhorted by Dr Shawn Lum. He walks this old rubber trail in the Central Catchment Area and shares his insights into some of the plants found there. Will the animals return too? asks Betty L. Khoo.

Long-legged cave centipedeLiving Caves The spectacular caves of Malaysia are discussed by caving enthusiast Liz Price. Follow her on her journey into darkness and wonder ...

It's Wild, This International Bird Fair The British Bird-watching Fair in England was attended by birder and photographer Morten Strange. He reports on this international gathering of bird-lovers.

Book Review
A book on edible grasshoppers and silk-spinning worms is reviewed by fellow NSS member Alvin Wong.
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