Indian Ocean Tsunami Disaster Relief
How we can help from Singapore

See also how you can help at: NVPC - Straits Times
If you have information or updates, please email Otterman
See also:, Mr Brown, CNA Forum

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17th Jan 2005 - This page is no longer updated
Visit the NVPC webpage, the national volunteer
coordinating body in Singapore.
NVPC 24-hour hotline:6416-6655 or 6325-0965
Volunteers will be matched to places needing help
If you have information updates, please email

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This webpage was developed by Otterman on Habitatnews on 27 Dec 2004 from
a post at and an email from Deep Blue Scuba listing avenues.
Thanks to Adrian Loo, Yap Chi Wei, Catherine Chew, Lee Chuen Ling, Thecla Loh, Leslie Kok
and Angeline for subsequent updates from the field,
and Anand, Tony Kwa, Eunice Yang, Shan, Heng Wee Ling and Wong Yueat Tin,
Rachel Ho, Goh Wai Ing and Edwin Tan, and members of the public for their email updates.


Cash is recomended (more options below)
(no svc charge): SMS "DONATE" to 8880 for a S$10 donation
SingTel (no svc charge): 1900 112 1226 for a $10 donation
1900 112 1227 for a $50 donation

Mercy Relief for Singapore Red Cross
1900 - 911 1150 for $50 donation
1900 - 911 1110 for $10 donation
Clarification about these numbers

The Singapore Tsunami Contact Centre (tel: 6332-0000)
has been setup at the ICA HQ [map], next to Lavendar MRT, for missing persons information
Next of kin of missing or uncontactable Singaporeans can call or approach the centre in person.
Representatives of several government departments are on hand to assist.
International Missing Persons Link

At a Glance (by type of donation)

Cash Donations

See: "Here's what you can do to help" - PM Lee [ST, 31 Dec 2004, pdf]. "Want to help the victims? Cash is best" [ST, 31 Dec 2004, pdf]. "Religious groups also active in raising funds" [ST, 31 Dec 2004, pdf].


Singapore Red Cross (includes DBS), Mercy Relief, NTUC Fair Price ($10 relief package), Buddhist Fellowship Firefly Mission, Singapore Sinhala Association, High Commission of India, Sri Lankan Embassy, Embassy of Indonesia, Singapore Polytechnic (for Red Cross), Singapore Post (all post offices, for Red Cross), OCBC, UOB and Maybank (for Red Cross). See also Straits Times, 3rd Jan 2005, Dial and donate, Salvation Army, SIF TAC fund (rebuilding), Habitat for Humanity,

Supplies - some include clothes

Singapore Post (all post offices), City Harvest Community Services Association, Yusen Global Logistics, Cornerstonians (East Coast), Buddhist Fellowship Firefly Mission, Several Buddhist organisations, Singapore Soka Association (clothes only), Helping Hand,

Supplies (no more clothes, but medical supplies, food, blankets, sheets, utensils)

"Indonesian Embassy, Sri Lankan High Commission swamped with donations" [CNA, 30 Dec 2004]


Sri Lankan Airlines, Embassy of Indonesia, Singapore Sinhala Association (new location at Ubi), Singapore Press Holdings (collection point for individuals), YEC Buona Vista CC (tents only), NUS Medical Society (Sri Lanka & Indonesia)

If providing supplies, medicine, sanitation/hygiene, shelter are a priority
Medicines/Hygiene (paracetamol, antibiotics), vitamins, rehydration salts, Water purification tablets, Vaccinations for cholera, Malaria tablets, Saline intravenous infusions, Surgical Spirit, IV Infusion (Saline & Dextrose), Disposable Syringes,  wound dressings, Bandages, Suture Materials, Gloves, Dressing, Face Masks.
Food: Pre-cooked or ready-to-eat meal packs, Canned food (with pull-open tabs, if possible), Wheat flour, Rice, other staples. Also utensils, cutlery and toiletries. Shelter: Tents, (even canvas and plastic sheets), Portable Generators.

Help with sorting and packing or loading and other tasks -

Sri Lankarayama Buddhist Temple/Singapore Sinhala Association, please call first.

See also: NVPC site (includes other kinds of volunteer help required).

4 Jan 2005 - The National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) today announced their initiatives as part of their overall efforts to provide a first-stop centre for information, referral and matching of volunteering opportunities for the Tsunami crisis. See press release. NVPC 24-hour hotline for volunteers who want to help: 6416-6655 or 6325-0965

Office hours: Sri Lankan Embassy, Embassy of Indonesia

Singapore Press Holdings, Golden Wall Centre (near Tekka), Carrefour & Aleoca Pro - volunteers to red cross booths for four hour shifts (until 7th January 2005). Mercy Relief - SIF - volunteers neeeded for packing. Singapore Soka Association - help needed for sorting and packing, daily, 10am - 8pm.

Help at Disaster Sites -

Sri Lanka: YMCA - Buddhist Fellowship Firefly Mission
Aceh: City Harvest Community Services Association
See also SIF:TAC

Touch Community Services
Register with NVPC; see also NVPC webpage: Volunteers required


At a Glance (donation or help, by location)
South / Town -

East -

North -

West -

Singapore Red Cross Society [map]

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) has raised over S$18 million dollars from members of the public and corporate companies by 5th January 2005.The SRC will continue to assess the situation with the national societies of the affected countries and will provide a daily update on the amounts collected on the SRC website at

All methods listed at SRC webpage



Mercy Relief Asia Tial Waves Fund


In response to this humanitarian crisis, Mercy Relief and its institutional partners – Singapore Soka Association (SSA) & Young Sikh Association (YSA) – together with the Singapore Red Cross Society (SRCS) are conducting a nationwide fundraising campaign for the victims of the calamity. This fundraising effort would allow Singaporeans from all walks of life to extend aid and compassion to our fellow neighbours in a substantial and concerted manner.

The funds raised will be channelled towards supporting humanitarian relief and rehabilitation operations for more than 12,000 families in the affected countries, and assist in bringing their derailed lives back on track. For more information, please call Mercy Relief at: 6332 6320

If you wish to make a contribution may do so via:

1. TELE-MERCY Simply dial:

  • 1900 - 911 1150 for $50 donation
  • 1900 - 911 1110 for $10 donation


  • Choose the credit card option at the Mercy Relief page
  • It will open an enets page with credit card and internet banking options.


  • Please make the cheque payable to: MERCY RELIEF
  • Write 'ASIA TIDAL WAVES' written on the reverse.
  • Please include name, address and contact number for the issuance of receipt.
  • Mail it to: Mercy Relief, 36, Purvis Street, #02-03, Singapore 188613

Alternatively, you may drop in the cheque at your nearest DBS Bank/POSB Branch(es) and make your donation to:

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 054-900493-6

Donate through any DBS Bank/POSB ATM Kiosk or Internet Banking account
to MERCY Relief's DBS Bank account:

  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 054-900493-6


The Salvation Army [webpage] (cash only)

TSUNAMI DISASTER APPEAL: The Salvation Army is urgently raising funds for Tsunami Disaster relief through Cash/Cheque/Online donations. Donation enquiries: Tel: 6555 0242/43/45. Salvation Army is NOT collecting donation in kind for the Tsunami Disaster.

On the latest Relief Efforts field reports and news, please see the Salvation Army webpage



OCBC Bank (to Singapore Red Cross)

Donation to Singapore Red Cross Society in aid of Tsunami Disaster Victims

1. ATM
2. Internet Banking
3. PhoneBanking
4. Cheque deposit at Branches
5. Credit Card payment (Hotline: 1800-363 3333)

Visit the OCBC webpage for a step-by-step guide on how to make a donation.


UOB Bank (to Singapore Red Cross)

Singapore Red Cross Society Tidal Waves Asia Fund: Donate to help tsunami victims

UOB now offers phone and internet banking options

Visit the UOB webpage for a step-by-step guide on how to make a donation.



MayBank (to Singapore Red Cross)

Donate to the Singapore Red Cross Society Tidal Waves Asia Fund
All contributions will be credited to the Singapore Red Cross Tidal Waves Asia Fund.
Simply follow the step-by-step instructions to make your donation via ATM or online banking.
See the step by step instructions at its webpage.


Telephone numbers to dial and donate

M1 (no svc charge) [link] for Singapore Red Cross Tidal Waves Fund
SMS "DONATE" to 8880 for a S$10 donation

SingTel (no svc charge, limited time) [link] for Singapore Red Cross Tidal Waves Fund
1900 112 1226 for a $10 donation
1900 112 1227 for a $50 donation

Mercy Relief for Singapore Red Cross
1900 - 911 1150 for $50 donation
1900 - 911 1110 for $10 donation
Clarification about these numbers


NTUC Relief packages, $10 each to Mercy Relief. From 1st January onwards.
"NTUC FairPrice shoppers can buy relief packages for tsunami victims." By Rosli Abdul Razak/Farah Abdul Rahim,Channel News Asia, 28 Dec 2004.

Supermarket retailer NTUC FairPrice is inviting shoppers to chip in by buying S$10 food relief packages. Each package contains staple food items like rice, milk and biscuits. Members of the public can buy these Food Relief Packages at S$10 each from supermarkets. Each package sold will then be sent to affected areas, including Aceh and India.

NTUC is working with humanitarian organization Mercy Relief on this project, and aims to raise S$100,000. Mercy Relief says this will kickstart its own programme, with volunteers in Sri Lanka within the next few days. Hassan Ahmad, executive director of Mercy Relief, said, "We've already got requests from our partners in Sri Lanka for food supplies and we will be using this contribution from NTUC to channel it there. "Its very natural; the extent of the damage there is the most extensive, and our partners there are ready to receive these relief supplies."

Donation cans will also be placed at all FairPrice outlets from Thursday 30 Dec 2004.


Sri Lankan Embassy

Goldhill Plaza, 51 Newton Road, Singapore 308900. [map]
Email:; Tel: 6254-4595 - 7. Office Hours.

The Sri Lankan High Commission repeated a call to Singaporeans on Saturday to stop donating clothes and items, but to give cash instead as it cannot cope with the load. [CNA, 1st Jan 2005]


Embassy of Indonesia

The Embassy of Indonesia. 7 Chatsworth Road, Singapore 249761. Tel: 6737-7422 Contact the Secretariat, Network Indonesia on 6433-4932. [map] Office hours.

*Help needed with packing Office hours.
Any sort of relief supply: food, clothes, shelter, medical, toiletries. Please pack (not seal) and label.


High Commission of India

No in-kind donations. Only bank drafts and cheque donations. Contact Mr Avinash Singh Gill, First Secretary, High Commission of India, 31 Grange Road, Singapore 239702. Tel: 6238-2514/24 or e-mail:


Mercy Relief call for volunteers [link]

Mercy Relief are in need of volunteers in the following areas:-
1. People to man counters/collection-points at several locations in Singapore

This is for the public to drop off donations in-kind and/or money.  This will take place from 31 December 2004 onwards.
Those keen may call 6332 6320 or sign up online: fill up the volunteer form and email to and they will be contacted.

2. 15 January 2005, Saturday is Mercy Relief's Street collection day. (Call to YEP Alumni).
They hope YEP Alumni volunteers that are still keen to hit the streets to get donations on that Saturday, can come forward to collect the tin cans on that day at several locations.

They are hoping volunteers block off 15 January 2005 to help Mercy Relief's street collections, specifically for the Asia Tidal Waves victims.


30 Dec 2004 - Singapore Post [link] will collect donations to aid Tsunami Disaster Victims (until 31 Jan 2005).
Donations in cheque and kind accepted at any post office, postbox and through Speedpost pick-ups

Singapore, 30 December 2004 – Singapore Post (SingPost) today announced it will accept donations from the public via its network of postboxes, post offices, and Speedpost service to offer aid to tsunami victims with immediate effect until 31 January 2005.

SingPost will absorb the postage on all cheques posted to the Singapore Red Cross Society. It will also absorb charges for collection of donations in kind from households.

Drop-off of cheque donations at any postbox
For the public’s convenience, cheque donations can be dropped into any of the more than 850 SingPost postboxes located all over Singapore. Members of the public wishing to donate to the Singapore Red Cross Society should make cheques payable to ‘Singapore Red Cross Society’ with ‘Tidal Waves Asia’ written on the back including name, address and contact number, enclose them in envelopes marked ‘Singapore Red Cross Society-Tidal Waves Asia’ and drop envelopes into any postbox.

SingPost will absorb the postage fees for mailing of cheque donations to Singapore Red Cross Society for one month until 31 January 2005.

Donations in kind to Sri Lanka - drop off at post offices, household collection points can call for pickup
SingPost is working with partner A&T Freight Management Pte Ltd to ship relief supplies to Sri Lanka, which has been one of the worst hit countries in this disaster. Donations of relief supplies such as canned and packaged food, clothing, blankets and sheets, as well as medical supplies are welcomed.

Members of the public wishing to donate these items should pack and bring them to any of SingPost’s 61 post offices located all over the island. Packages should be marked ‘SingPost Aid To Tidal Wave Victims-Sri Lanka’.

SingPost’s Speedpost couriers will also collect donations in kind (items as listed above) from households. Members of the public unable to make the trip to the post office may call 1800-222 5777 to arrange a pick-up. Charges for collection of donations to Sri Lanka from households will be waived until 31 January 2005.

For information, the public can contact SingPost’s toll-free enquiry line 1605.

Thanks to Tony Kwa!


31 Dec 2004: YMCA has initiated a Disaster Relief Programme to Sri Lanka [link].

Please read their briefing document carefully as it contains the mission objectives, risk, criteria, scope and the relevant contact details.

YMCA is mobilising volunteers to help out in the disaster-stricken areas.
The areas of service of the volunteers will be :
(i) to provide medical help;
(ii) to comfort those who have lost their loved ones;
(iii) to facilitate relief organizations who need general helpers;
(iv) to assist in distribution of food/clothing etc.
(Maximum no. of days recommended for volunteers to be stationed in Sri Lanka is 6 days. New groups will go to Sri Lanka to replace the returning volunteers on a rotational basis.)

Criteria for volunteers who sign up :
(i) People with a heart for people; medically and physically fit;
(ii) Age requirement - Minimum of 21 years and above.

Volunteers may have to pay for their own airfare which will be subsidized by Sri Lanka Airline

YMCA will be collecting donations.
Cash donation for this programme can be addressed to “YMCA Disaster Relief Fund”. All funds raised will go directly to the relief and restoration work as well as purchase of relief aid and medicine.

Please read the briefing document carefully and contact YMCA if you are able to help.

Operation Restoration Sri Lanka - CNA report, 8th January 2004


Singapore International Foundation: SIF Tsunami Affected Communities (TAC) Fund (rehabilitation & rebuilding)

SIF has set up the Tsunami Affected Communities Fund (TAC Fund) to assist with community rebuilding for the affected countries, especially India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Thailand. Through SIF's partners and contacts in affected communities, we are collating information on the needs of affected communities as the situation develops.

Funds collected through the TAC Fund will be channeled to the process of re-building as well as to disaster mitigation. Hence, donations will go towards projects which provide sanitation, clean water, housing and healthcare. The reconstruction work will continue for many months and even years after, as the re-building process will be as long as the destruction was swift.

Please join us to help these communities pick up the pieces and re-build their lives. If you would like to make a monetary contribution, visit our web page to donate. You may choose to donate via cheque, bank draft or credit card.

See: SIF planning medium-term help for tsunami-stricken areas." CNA, 07 Jan 2005.


SIF YEPA Rebuilding Lives Programme

To support the TAC Fund, Youth Exepedition Programme Alumni (YEPA) is launching the Rebuilding Lives Programme, starting with a street donation drive on 23 Jan 2005. All proceeds will go towards the TAC Fund. We are looking for 1200 volunteers and hope to raise $500,000. Volunteers can sign up at the following website. See also the YEPA Asian Tsunami Crisis webpagee.

For more information on the TAC Fund or the fundraising initiatives, contact
If you have leads or contacts for corporate sponsors, please email Lai Yee


NVPC Volunteer Registration for Tsunami Crisis Relief

A form is provided here. Register with full name, address and contact number to be kept informed.



Singapore Sinhala Association/ Singapore Sinhala Buddhist Association (Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple) &
Maha Karuna Buddhist Society: Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster Relief [

From the Singapore Sinhala's webpage [updated 05 Jan 2005]

We appeal to everyone to join us in this humanitarian effort to provide relief to the victims.
Aid will be provided to ALL VICTIMS, regardless of race or religion.

For mroe infomation, kindly contact:
VEN DR K GUNARATANA (Religious Adviser) : Tel: 9675 1695

Or email to Singapore Sinhala Association:
or fax to Singapore Sinhala Association: 6512 5301

You may give cash donations

For all CHEQUE donations, please make payable to:SINGAPORE SINHALA ASSOCIATION

You may deliver your donations to:
TEL: 62932132 FAX: 62965282

  • The temple office will be open daily from 1.00 pm this week to receive donations.
  • Receipts will be issued for all donations.

We appeal to everyone - regardless of race, language or religion - to come forward and contribute generously to the helpless victims of this calamity.  

***To be updatedd: The Sri Lanka High Commissioner has evaluated the
situation in Sri Lanka and what is needed now are kitchen utensils like
plastic or metal cutlery, pots & pans etc. Stationary like paper,
exercise books, pencils and pens, school bags are also needed for the
displaced children.

Collection points at St Michael's Road and Marine Terrace are now closed. The NEW collection point is at:
Blk 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #01-56, Paya Ubi Industrial Park, Singapore 408934

(Deliveries accepted from 11am each day until further notice.
Please contact the any of the following to confirm before delivery:
Doris Leong: 9654 6535 / Jessica Lee 9831 9341 /
Jenny Yong 9793 6965 / Vinitha Yap 6745 1803 - on 5th Jan 2005

Please check their webpage for updates.

Items needed:

No more clothes or blankets please.
Specialist medicine required - see list here.

- Tents, groundsheets, mats, bedsheets, etc
- Food Items (able to be stored for a while - flour, rice, biscuits, packet noodles, canned food, etc)
- Water Purification Tablets
- Stationery
- Medical Supplies:
* Painkillers (Paracetamol, etc)
* Surgical Spirit

* IV Infusion (Saline & Dextrose)
* Disposable Syringes

* Antibiotics
* Bandages
* Suture Materials
* Gloves
* Dressing
* Face Masks
- Portable Generators
- Milk Powder, Milk bottles and teats
- Cooking utensils (Pots, pans, ladles, spoons, knives, forks, etc)
- Sanitary Napkins


  • The High Commission of Sri Lanka and SriLankan Airlines will be assisting us in transporting all the donated items.
  • Ven P Piyananda and Ven Dr K Gunaratana will travel to Sri Lanka to personally deliver all donations and goods received from Singapore to the Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Affairs and work with the officials in the ministry to directly deliver the donations and goods received to the affected victims.

We urgently need volunteers to help with loading - to assist please go to: Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple, 30C St Michael's Road S.328002 [map].

  • Sat 01 Jan 2005: up to 12 midnight (load unpredicatble)
  • Sun 02 Jan 2005: from 10am (load unpredicatble)
  • Mon 03 Jan - loading containers today, from 4pm.
  • Tue 04 Jan - two more containers coming today, 5pm.
  • Help load containers to lorries, 11am - 1pm (team going to Sri Lanka today); call Vinitha Yap 6745 1803

NEWSFLASH: We are looking for shipping and freight companies to assist in donating cargo space and helping us to deliver the donated items to Sri Lanka. If you have any contacts for such services, please email to

31 Dec 2004 3pm - 53 Marine Terrace S.440053 [map] has received enough help. 5 Jan 2005 - St Michael's Road site [map].is now closed. Thanks everyone!




Recommendation about where to stretch your dollar when purchasing supplies, by Angeline (Telvaan)

Shing Song Supermarket
Address: 539A Bedok North Street 3 #01-477 Singapore 461539 [map]
Fax : 62423381
Contact: 6441 6586 / 6444 1966 - Just let the person over the phone that you wanna buy in bulk and they will get the right people to speak to you. They communicate mostly in chinese.
Description of item: 60 cartons of Daisy Milk packets (Ready to drink)
Cost: 60 boxes x 24 packets = 1440 packets for $552
Closest price in supermarkets elsewhere = $604 (savings of $52)

Remarks: Excellent service from a decent neighbourhood supermarket. Although its not spacious, its a cozy place to shop for items at a very good price. It was drizzling when I coordinated the transfer of goods onto a lorry. The people from the supermarket brought out their own plastic sheets to help to cover the cartons so that the boxes wouldn't get wet.
Thumbs up!!!!!

Date of information: 04/01/05

Hoe Seng Teck Kee
505 Beach Rd #02-179 Golden Mile Food Centre Singapore 199583 [map]
Contact: 6292 4074- Ask for Mr Su. He converse in chinese most of the time
Description of item: 60 sleeping bags
Cost: $9 each when you order in bulk
Remarks: After calls to more than 10 other shops, this was the cheapest. This shop is quite friendly too.

Date of information: 31/12/04


Clarification about the Mercy Relief donation number

From: "N. Sivasothi"
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 10:01:29 +0800

Subject: Regarding the 1900-9111110 Mercy Relief donation mechanism

Hi there,

Yes, Red Cross does not have a dialup number to donate. Initially they started out only with cash or cheque donation.

Soon after, Mercy Relief, "on their own initiative" (quoting Red Cross), offered several methods for donation - phone, internet, credit card, cheque, ATM; see the Mercy Relief webpage. This donation was started FOR Red Cross but NOT INITIATED by Red Cross.

At the Red Cross page, under organisations helping to raise funds, Mercy Relief is listed at the top, with a link to their webpage.

I called someone from Red Cross this morning to re-verify this and they explained that this was an initiative of Mercy Relief.

Red Cross has clarified this with the media who will probably talk to Mercy Relief as well. We'll wait for that report as well. Update: see this CNA and ST report.

Thanks very much for the alert! The webpage depends on people like you. And the scrutiny is important for donor confidence.


Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 21:41:38 +0800 (CST)
Subject: Fwd: FYI: DO NOT CALL 1900-9111110


This number is in your website,

Not sure if it's really a scam.

-----Original Message-----
Dear friends,

If you receive a SMS request you to donate to Red Cross Society through phone, please DO NOT CALL the no.1900-9111110.

I already confirmed with Singapore Red Cross Society that they did not request people to make donation through telephone.

Some people may using this opportunity to cheat money. Please be
careful before making any donation.

If you wish to help tsunami victims, can make donation by: Address
your cheque to "Singapore Red Cross Society". Indicate behind the
cheque "Tidal Waves Asia". Include name, address and telephone
number at the back of the cheque as a receipt will be sent to you.
Post the cheque to:
Singapore Red Cross
Red Cross House
15 Penang Lane
Singapore 238486
Any enquiries please call Singapore Red Cross Society: 63349152,
63349153 or 63360269.
------ End of Forwarded Message