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  Letter sent to the Straits Times, Forum Desk, on 22 May, 2003. (not published)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Appeal for Sembawang Park Beach

I have recently found out that the Master Plan 2003 (North Region) Exhibition indicated proposed land reclamation at the Sembawang Park waterfront. My understanding is that the proposed reclaimed land will be held as Reserved Land. On checking the URA website, I was unable to find any timeline or specific development plan on the proposed use for this particular stretch of the coastline. Based on the lack of information, I can only assume that this reclaimed land is not for urgent or immediate development. My question then is "why is the reclamation necessary?"

I moved to the North Region (Yishun) in 1994. But I have been a regular visitor to the Sembawang Park since the late-1980's and truly enjoy the "kampong" atmosphere of this enclave. I have fond memories of dining at the old seafood restaurant in Beaulieu House and exploring the fishermen's huts along the water's edge. Over the years I have developed a sense of "connectedness" to the Yishun/Sembawang neighbourhood, of which the Sembawang Park shoreline is a focal point.

The charming beach, that I and so many others enjoy, is one of the few remaining natural sandy beaches in Singapore. This should be treasured as a national heritage, and especially so in view of the historical links to the greater Sembawang area. I strongly appeal to the relevant authorities to reconsider their plan for reclaiming the Sembawang Park coastline.

Wee Sau Cheng

Second letter sent to the Straits Times, Forum Page, June 16, 2003. (not published)

Dear Sir/Madam,

Subject: Sembawang Park Beach (reference ST Home Pg2 - 16 June 2003)

I read with interest the above feature in today's Straits Times. I would like to share my views in the attached letter, which I wrote in to ST last month.

Wee Sau Cheng