Launch of upgraded facilities at Sungei Buloh Nature Park, 10th November 2001
This event witnessed the significant announcement by Mr Mah Bow Tan,
Minister for National Development, of the first two nature areas to be
gazzeted in independent Singapore: Sungei Buloh & Labrador

Minister's speech

10Nov2001-a significant day
The two new nature areas
Mr Mah planting Nibong
Oncospermum tigillarium
Visiting the new aerie
Tidying up
Aerie view with JB town
Aerie view of a dry pond
Aerie view - wet pond
Bird watchers
Migratory season is here!
Leaves embedded in floor
Identify the plant species?
Straits are well patrolled
Rhizophora apiculata
Monitor lizard

Happy guides yakking away