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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Waterfront living needs a splash - from regattas

By Vincent Wee Business Times Singapore 30 Dec 06
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As the yachts taking part in the renowned Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race stream into Hobart this week, perhaps it is time to ask if Singapore itself needs an iconic yacht race.

Savvy real estate developers have made use of the niche audience at regattas to sell their very exclusive waterfront properties. For example, in Thailand publicly listed property company Raimon Land sponsors not only Phuket's well-known King's Cup Regatta but also many other regattas around the kingdom - all at locations where it seeks to sell prime waterfront property, of course.

And in Terengganu, the Monsoon Cup - part of the Swedish Match World Match Racing Tour with a RM1 million (S$434,550) prize purse - is being used to promote new property development there. Action movie superstar Jackie Chan has reportedly expressed interest in purchasing a house there.

The question now is whether there is an existing local regatta that would be able to fit the bill. Unfortunately, all the present regattas go nowhere near any of the prime waterfront homes being developed on Singapore's southern coast.

The obvious solution would be for one of the developers tied to the marinas in the waterfront developments to step up to the plate with an iconic waterside event. It remains to be seen if they will do so and put some money into making their advertisements more like reality.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hide and Seek


Regular Hantu diver and reef walk enthusiast Chay Hoon, joined the Hantu Blog for a dive on Sunday and despite the low visibility, grabbed these amazing pictures of sea slugs (her personal favourite!), anemone fish, corals, and crinoids. Visit her blog to read her account and experience Hantu's reef through her view finder!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Genting wins Sentosa IR bid

Some elements of the Genting proposal:

Quest Marine Life
- World's largest oceanarium
- Attraction covers 8 hectares, and will house 700,000 aquatic animals including dolphins, bat rays and the world's largest collection of coral reef and open ocean fish
- Includes a 6.6 million gallon lagoon that allows for snorkelling and diving with whale sharks

Xperiental Maritime Museum
- Explores the maritime Silk Route history by engaging visitors' five senses
- Houses conservation labs and interactive classrooms

Resorts World at Sentosa will also offer other family entertainment experiences such as Quest Marine Life Park an oceanarium spanning 8 hectares with the largest single marine tank in the world, a 6.5 million gallon Whale Shark Lagoon, and interactive dolphin habitat, operated by the world-renowned Dolphin Quest.

Mr Mah said the chosen concept for Sentosa had to inject vibrancy to the area, with attractive public spaces. It should also not be insular but provide good connectivity to the rest of the island.

It also had to leverage on the site's natural attributes, such as the coast and mature vegetation in the area. In this respect, Genting had done well, noted Sentosa Leisure Group chief executive
Darrell Metzger.

It had kept to Sentosa's self-imposed rule to keep 70% of the island green, by keeping 70% of its design green.

The Sentosa Integrated Resort development by Genting will be the largest and last project on Sentosa island. It was also revealed at a news conference after the winning Intergrated Resort bid for Sentosa was awarded to the Genting group, that there will be no further Integrated Resorts projects for the moment.

National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan said that while there will be more developments ahead for Singapore, there will not be, "at least for a while", another IR.

Full articles: [8 Dec 06] [9 Dec 06]

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Genting Media contacts:

Corrinne Ling Genting International plc
Tel: + 60 3 2333 6073
Ivan Tan Weber Shandwick
Tel: +65 6825 8027Mobile: +65 9635 9765

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Friday, December 08, 2006

On the Sentosa IR

A Part Of Me Died upon hearing news of the Southern Islands plan on the colourful clouds blog

Singapore Flyer's developer awaits approval of proposed $300-million oceanarium
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But there may be a way to make money while saving nature
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Voice of reason

Read the article by a Singapore diver touching on
the whale shark issue and Southern Islands plan
Related discussion on the Fins Online Forum

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Southern Islands development in the news again

"Targeting nature lovers and the well-heeled." The Strait Times, 01 Dec 2006. Industry experts say there must be a relaxation of rules to make area an exclusive spot.

NOT long ago, Kias was a mere shoal, a tiny strip of land in the ocean that disappeared at high tide. Now, after six years of reclamation works, the sandbank has literally grown into an island, one of the cluster of seven that make up the Southern Islands... [More on Habitatnews]

Friday, December 01, 2006

Blog Log Nov 18 2006

More pix from our dive on Nov 18!