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Thursday, December 29, 2005

A much needed update!

Apologies to those who have been diligently visiting the blog to check on activities! Hantu really appreciates this enthusiasm and requires it immensely! Unfortunately there have been few recent updates on our work, so I decided it's about time!

While we've not conducted any trips of late to the islands, it doesn't mean that we've not been active! The Hantu Group together with the Blue Water Volunteers have been tirelessly working to train volunteers as part of our Reef Friends Xplore! Program. As the selection phase has passed, the team comprised of divemasters, biologists, and most importantly, activists and passionate individuals, now enter the theoretical phase of the project as we prepare the modules and workshop activities for the potential reef guides.

For those who enjoy fieldwork, not to worry, there are further practicals as we hone in on appreciating the Hantu landscape! It looks like an exciting New Year ahead and we look forward to beginning the new phase of the course with all the volunteers!

The Hantu Group, also in cooperation with the Blue Water Volunteers, persevere in our education and preservation efforts of the Hantu reef and all its inhabitants by engaging in dialogue with other conservation groups within the Island Nation.

This behind-the-scenes efforts often require a great deal of time and physical investment, and we hope you understand why we've not scheduled any visits to the island in the past month.


The Hantu Group looks forward to increasing the frequency of its dives to the island in the New Year, and we are eager to integrate the skills and passion of the guides that will graduate from the Xplore! Program into our trips! But we will need all your support to make this happen, so we look forward to meeting heaps of new divers and also some familiar faces in 2006!

Keep visiting this Blog as it is our main medium for communicating with you, the people who will keep Hantu alive!


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Event: "Unveiled!" Five short films on nature

Raffles Museum Toddycats
are proud to present:

Five short films on nature
by Singapore videographers

Venue: The Giving Tree @ North East 2005
(white tents next to Tampines MRT)
Nature/Environment Sector
Sat 17 Dec 2005: 7.30pm

I - Chek Jawa Revisited (26 mins)
"Chek Jawa - Last Chance to See." By Eric Lim, 2001.
"Chek Jawa - A celebration of the Sea". By Lee Chuen Ling, 2002.
"Chek Jawa, a celebration of marine life." By Eric Lim, 2003.

II - The Southern Shores exposed (10 mins)
"Life on the edge - the promise of our southern shores." By Wildfilms, 2005.

III - A plea for a gentle giant - in aid of Whale Sharks (10 mins)
"Goodwill Hunting." By Lee Chuen Ling/Wildaid, 2003.

Thanks to Vegetarian Society for the screen!

More details at:

Sunday, December 11, 2005

2-31 Dec, Giving Tree @ Tampines

The Hantu Blog is being featured at the Giving Tree @ Tampines, the largest volunteer fair in Singapore with more than 50 groups. Next to the Tampines MRT station, from 2-31 Dec.

More on Siva's habitatnews blog

BWV Reeftalk at Library@Orchard

It's time for another BWV ReefTalk, a last one to wrap up a fulfilling year! Bring your family & friends along!

Last BWV ReefTalk for 2005!
Date: 17th Dec 2005 (Sat)
Time: 3 to 4pm
Venue: The Programme Zone, library@Orchard
Title: Journal of a Reef Walk guide
Speakers: Daniel Chia

You don't have to be a marine scientist to be a reefwalk guide, an ordinary person with the passion and enthusiasm can be one too! Daniel, a RW guide & Semakau volunteer guide shares how life has changed after volunteering with BWV reefwalk - the training, inspiring moments & post-guiding activities. Keen to see & hear what it's like? Come along & find out more!

ReefExhibits will be there with our info booth & poster display of our amazing local marine life so come by early to check out! Free seating and standing space available. More info on BWV at http://www.bluewatervolunteers.org/. Enquiries are welcomed, email at reeftalk@bluewatervolunteers.org.