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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gina's Hantu!

Reefexplore volunteer and Hantu Bloggers Reef guide Gina Tan says she's better at pictures than she is with words. She had better eyes than I did too at last weekend's anniversary dive, with amazing finds such as Tigertail seahorses, cuttlefish, bamboo sharks, fan-tailed rays and some gorgeous nudibranches! More eyes are always better than one, stay tuned as we upload more pix from our volunteers though the course of the month!
We loved it so much we made it our logo! It's the Tigertail seashorse I missed by inches..
An adorable-looking fan-tailed ray.. Just look at its curious eyes!
Wading in Hantu's lagoon
E. ornata
First Gina gets challenged by a protective anemonefish (with good reason! A Magnificent anemone is prime real estate!)..
Then red-coloured swimmer crab takes Gina on!
Another green-coloured swimmer crab
Mega-sized reef crab! Busy feeding in the dark of the night..
This little spider crab wraps up the nite dive and last dive for the day.. till next year!