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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We had a day of fantastic weather. Perhaps even, a bit too much sun! 4 dives, a night dive... sharks, seahorses, rays, octopus, turtles you name it, it was all down on the list. Divers explored new sites and got to see some amazing whip corals and gorgonians. Some even spent their dives on rescue missions, releasing trapped sharks from discarded bubus and a poor little snapper that got caught in the hook of a discarded fishing line. An extremely eventful day. What better way to mark our 3rd year anniversary!

The dives that have for the past years been so well supported by the public are truly essential in keeping this blog alive, and making the world aware of what our tiny Singaporean reef has to offer. Without the dives, we'd have no content for our web, and without our team of dedicated volunteers, we would only be running trips for pairs once every 2 months!

Thanks to readers of our web, contributors, photographers, volunteer divers and volunteer managers! Keep on blogging! Keep on diving! Keep our reefs alive!

Take a closer look at the above pictures and more! We will continue to update our web with more pix and even some videos along the course of the week, so stay tuned! There's more comin'!