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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Whiptails, gobies, shrimps and lots more!

One of the best ways to appreciate and take advantage of good vis occasions at Hantu is with a video!

Below are some clips shot on October 21, Deepavali 2006..

Butterfly whiptail
One of my fave fishes on the reef. This fish seems to have a curious nature, not fleeing from divers but often swimming up close almost as if to investigate. One of 2 known species of whiptail that can be found in local waters, this fish gets it name from the streamer at the tip of its tail. Intriguing!

Goby and blind shrimp
Gobies are good at their job. Too good infact. It can be challenging to approach gobies without startling them, making them difficult to photograph or videograph. Standing guard at their burrows, the gobies have a partnership with their poor-visioned shrimp roommates, flicking their tails to warn their invertebrate friends of approaching threats.

Kite butterflyfish, Yellowfin Angelfish and Yellow Emperors
Some of the common fishes in the reef of Hantu: Kite butterflyfish are generally less sighted than their Long-beaked (or Copperbanded) cousins, and can also be quite tricky to capture because they are also more jittery to large, bubble-producing, divers.