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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oct 15 - probably the only Hantublog trip without Debby on it ;p

There are two things special about this trip. First, we have a team of three production crew doing a program on Channel U called Youth Decode series 2. Their intention is to interview Debby as a young woman who makes a difference. The second special thing? Debby is not on the trip.

Well, we figured that they probably need more than one trip to get all the footage that they require, so this would be somewhat a recce trip for them, and we try to entertain the crew without Debby (the spotlight) presence ;p
Probably we didn't entertain them that well, since most of us were pretty dumbfounded when we were asked questions on why we love to dive local waters, what is it about these waters that attract us ... not that we didn't know, but the tongues just get tied with the camera pointing at us! >_<

Visibility was a normal 2-3metres, and interesting things like juvenile harlequin sweetlips, chromodoris fidelis, armina and gymnodoris alba were spotted, just to name a few.

The whole Chinese talking thing for the programme got us into discussions into what should be called what in Chinese.. then came the question "What is Pulau Hantu called in Chinese?" Yeah it means Ghost Island, but you know how translation doesn't work like that every time.. thanks to Yan with a bit of internet search, we realised that it is called Han Du Dao ("Han" as in Korea, "Du" as in City)... Korea City Island??? And the most interesting thing that we discovered on the trip, told by Chay Hoon, is nudibranch is called tian yu in Chinese!~ Tian (2nd sound), Yu (2nd sound).. sweet fish???

*photos taken by Chay Hoon, Ming Sheng and Chung Yan