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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Aquarium showdown: It's a battle of gallons

The Straits Times 18 Oct 06
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Front runners Kerzner and Genting are both claiming their fish habitats will be the world's biggest

THE one-upmanship between the two front runners in the Sentosa race began yesterday - over the size of the housing for their fish.

Asked to respond yesterday, Genting said its aquarium will have over 20 million gallons of water. That is enough to fill about 37 Olympic-size swimming pools.

The comment drew a swift return from Mr Prior, who trotted out a 24 million-gallon figure, counting in all the aquatic exhibits scattered around Kerzner's resort.

Mr Prior also offered a last word: 'It is not about having the biggest number of fish or largest volume of water attractions, but how we use these to develop the best experience.'

Mr Prior yesterday downplayed the role of robots at its Atlantis Sentosa. Kerzner unveiled these high-tech highlights on Monday, but the machines seem to have already overshadowed its core attractions.

Redressing this, Mr Prior said: 'Atlantis is all about the sea. The real emphasis is on the amazing fish of the sea - there will be a huge amount of real fish.'