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Friday, May 26, 2006

UPDATE: Project NOAH sunk

25 May, 2006 - The Singapore Environment Council (SEC) together with the Nature Society of Singapore (NSS) hosted a seminar this evening to brief concerned parties about the new status of Project NOAH, which was launched in April this year.

Nominated MP and President of NSS, Dr. Geh Min said that the Phase II coral relocation exercise intially mentioned at the press conference was hypothetical and dependent on the findings of the Phase I Census Survey. "Coral relocation is an emergency plan for coral due to be destroyed by government plans," she said, adding that "a defensive plan is not necessarily enough, though ideal."

Sydney Chew, now seemingly a non-party, reiterated that "NOAH was a concept".

When questioned by the floor, it was asserted that "Project NOAH" is no longer in existance. It's initial plans detailed in the April press conference are presently "suspended". Dr. Geh Min said there is "no need to call it NOAH anymore. She also explained that the principle of Phase II was to implement a method to "cope with increasing sedimentation" on our reefs.

The SEC has invited interest groups to "develop a good and convincing plan for the protection of marine areas." This was mentioned following a statement that no Blue Plan exists, and that there are no marine areas in Singapore that possess legal protection.

It is now apparent that what was formerly known as project NOAH, has moved beyond the project itself and Pulau Hantu. There was talk of a new formula for protecting marine areas in Singapore that involves all keen and active interest groups. The objective now is to redevelop a Blue Plan for Singapore waters, and achive legal protection for the islands marine areas.

Several other details were mentioned at the more than two hour meeting. Over the next few days, complementing material from the seminar will be made available on the web, so please stay updated with this Blog.