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Monday, May 22, 2006

Letter from a Hantu Blog diver!

Hi guys,

It was a wonderful experience last Sunday at Pulau Hantu. Weather was good, diving was an ease although the visibility was a real challenge... but Liyan and I were doing fine, stayed together without getting lost most of the while and we logged our longest dive of 1hr 26mins actual bottom time with me still having 60 bar of air left in my tank at the end... was feeling reluctant to surface... heh

Anyway, Liyan and Debby are excellent divers with exceptionally good eagle eyes who found many of the criters that i managed to capture on camera. Do visit my Dive blog to see them and hope to dive with you guys if there's opportunity. Thank you!!



Thank you Weilong for you encouraging letter! There's always another opportunity to dive with us! Infact, there's one every fortnight!

If you have dived with us and have something to share, please do not hesistate to email us!
We love hearing from you!