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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dolphin washes up at Marina South

Below is Zeehan Jaafar's account of the salavage that occured at Marina South on Sunday, 21 May:

"We arrived at about 8pm at Marina South and the tide was rising. The dolphin was fast being covered by the incoming tide. Dr Chua, Ashley and Jani Tanzil took photographs. The beak of the carcass caused it to be lodged amongst the rocks at the breakwater. It looked like a female carcass (1.8m from beak to tail) of the Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphin with a long longitudinal (down from forelimb to tail) laceration on its ventral (front) side. It was most likely hit by a boat propeller. It was also very decomposed, hardly any blubber or tissue left but not very smelly. We dislodged the beak and took more photos. The lower jaw was broken and all meat/tissue was already gone from the beak. Some ribs were jutting out of the frame and many superficial lacerations all over the body especially on the head (as pointed out by May Li) but these could be due to the carcass being tossed about by the waves. The initial plan was to salvage whatever we could especially tissue sample but the carcass was badly decomposed, probably more than a week and the tissue integrity would have been poor. In the event that the carcass is fresh, it would be a great opportunity to obtain tissue samples as RMBR is setting up a tissue bank."