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Secret lives and secret worlds hidden in Singapore's most popular coral reef.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Blog Log May 14, 2006

At first it looked like it was going to storm with the strong winds and overcast sky, but when we turned around the Pulau Busing bend, things started to look more promising. Though the weather was great, there wasn't a single boat at Hantu when we arrived; a dive company turned up sometime in the afternoon just for its rescue course - it seems few go to Hantu esp. divers, for REAL recreation, to see what's there, instead of just use it's waters for the sake of "open water". That's where we come in and try our very best to showcase the hidden beauty of Hantu that is too often overlooked. Here's just a peek into what we enjoyed this weekend, the most of it was more of an experience!

Long-beaked butterfly fish

Nudibranch Casella atromarginata

Flabellina nudibranches

Icon Seastar

Another brilliantly coloured nudi on a hydriod

A HUGE Phyllidia seaslug

Tube worm condo: What's going on here! You'd think there's enough space fo everyone, but these 4 tube worms seem to like a squeeze!

A tiny nudi races across the reef.

Despite its size and name, Giant Gobies are relatively shy, often leaving in a cloud of slit when approached. This must be my first decent pix of one!

Two False-clown anemonefish.

And a pretty anemoneshrimp from 2 weeks ago. It felt good to have seen them again!

One of our divers, ChayHoon also photographed a seahorse! No one else saw it, so we hope to share her pix with you soon!