Pulau Hantu - A celebration of marine life

Secret lives and secret worlds hidden in Singapore's most popular coral reef.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Marine talks at ADEX

There will be a bumper series of marine talks this weekend during
ADEX; under- and above-water experiences of our reefs and shores.

Each participant at a talk will receive a PADI Marine Conservation
Book (Limited to first 500)

Bring your family and friends along! For an easy introduction to the
wonders of our very own marine life.

21-23 Apr: ADEX (Asia Dive Expo)
Time: 10am-6pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Centre (Hall 403 and 404)

Blue Water Volunteers will also have a booth at the Expo to raise
awareness about our own wild reefs. Come view fabulous photos, learn
more about our marine wildlife, play their fascinating game and more.

Marine talks at ADEX
22 Apr (Sat) 12 noon - 1pm
Nemo and Neighbours - Zeehan Jaafar

Caught 'Finding Nemo' in the movies? Have you ever wondered what kind
of life a clownfish leads? Blue Water Volunteers proudly present this
talk by Miss Zeehan Jaafar on clownfishes & their host anemones.
What's the special relationship with anemones? Find out about
clownfish development, courtship behaviour, parental care, social
hierarchy and sex change! Guess what? 'Nemo' lives in the
surprisingly rich waters of Singapore too! But pollution, coastal
development and aquarium trade threatens their survival. Can we help
to save them?

22 Apr (Sat): 3 - 4pm
Life as a Marine Biologist - Jeffrey Low

With 10 years of experience in the field, Jeffery will share with us
his experiences and adventures (and misadventures) of being a marine
biologist. What does being a marine biologist entail? Is it as
glamourous as it sounds? Listen out for his fair share of stories and
look out for photos of marine biologists in the 1980s.

23 Apr (Sun) 12 noon - 1pm
Uncover Secrets of Singapore's Underwater - Jani Thuaibah Isa Tanzil

Have you ever wondered what life lies beneath the seas around our
island nation before? We may not be Manado or Sipadan, but we can
still hold our own. Our marine life is still rich and diverse,
colourful and fascinating, but most importantly, it is ours. This
talk will showcase Singapore's marine habitats and bountiful
diversity, as well as the whats and whys of marine conservation. And
how an individual can contribute to preserving and conserving our
natural heritage.

23 Apr (Sun): 3-4pm
Life on the Edge: Living shores of Singapore - Ria Tan

Don't need to swim! Don't need to dive! Ria shares her above-water
photos and adventures on our rich shores, from the Southern shores to
Changi and beyond.