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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blog Log Apr 30, 2006

See what you missed!

Anemone shrimp

We were blessed by great weather - calm, cool water and clear, cool weather, with a vis of 3-4m. We managed two dives; one on the west fringe reef and the other on the Cigar reef.


As reclamation activities have now bridged the channel between Bukom and Busing, we had to go around Busing island, which took just 10 mins longer. It was quite amazing to see how much has been filled in between the islands, as it reflective of the speed at which development activities in Singapore occur. With industries that are efficient and swift, so must organisations like ourselves, be.

Bubble coral

Despite the activities, it is fortunate the water conditions have not visibly deteriorated. Though assessments would probably have to be carried out to accurately determine if this is truly the case.

For the first time in all my dives at Hantu, I came across a tiny little baby Icon seastar! just how baby and tiny was it???

Well here it is sitting right in the middle of my palm! It was placed right back where it was found; not to worry.

Not as baby, but still on the small scale, was a Tomato clown anemonefish in its absolutely gorgeous anemone!

We also came across another anemone shrimp, sometimes called a Bubble shrimp because it is plump and round like a bubble. There were two in this anemone, one about twice the size of the other. Here's the larger one, and the only one I managed a decent picture of because these guys are just 3cm in length!

Good vis lets you appreciate the large and beautiful coral colonies we have in tiny little Hantu... imagine how old these corals must be!

A tube worm makes a home in a Pavona coral colony.