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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Reef Friends Program - FULL

Blue Water Volunteers (BWV) Reef Friends is looking for divers to be trained as dive guides for our new Reef Friends Explore programme! Reef Friends Explore is a collaborative effort between BWV, The Pulau Hantu Blog and Gilldivers.

Reef Friends Explore intends to better showcase our local underwater marine life to divers, increase awareness and educate the public about marine conservation issues in Singapore.

Reef Friends are are currently looking for 10 divers who have the right attitutide and aptitude to be trained as dive guides for this programme!

If you're interested to try out to be a dive guide, or just want more information, email reeffriends@bluewatervolunteers.org with the subject title REEF FRIENDS EXPLORE.

You don't have to be an Instructor or Divemaster to sign up! We are looking for people who are:

Confident divers with good dive skills
Able to commit to the timeline given for the programme, i.e. commit to compulsory theory and practical classes,
pass the theory and practical tests that follow,
can commit to dive guiding at least 6 times in a year,
have the correct attitude and aptitude.

Check Out Dive
You are required to come down for a check-out dive to see whether you have the skills essential to be a dive guide.

Initial Costs
The actual training itself is free, but payment is neccesary for your own dives (gear, boat, tanks, other logistics etc), your trainer's dives and the training material. For a total of at least 3 theory and 3 practical sessions, and a check-out dive, we need you to pay a fee of S$350 up front. It includes a $50 deposit which will be returned upon completion of the dive guide training.

All your subsequent official Reef Friends Explore dives will be covered.

This program received an overwhelming response! As spaces for this program are now full, please join the The Hantu Bloggers Yahoo Group if you'd like to be informed of another recruitment run in the future.