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Friday, September 09, 2005

Purple Climber Crab

The Purple Climber Crab, Metopograpsus sp. is a small ferocious crab which preys on grazers and filter feeders that live amongst the rocks.

These purple-coloured crustaceans crowd into crevices in the rock at low tide during the day - you'll rarely see more than a hairy leg sticking out of a crevice! They are active at night, you see.

These agressive crabs will attack and eat any prey they can overcome. They can even give you a nasty pinch!

This individual was photographed hiding between the concrete slabs near the waterline at the Hantu Kecil jetty. It was quite sensitive to our movement and quickly concealed itself when it detected us. Happily, it holed up into a corner and I stole this shot!

Extracted from the Chek Jawa Guidebook