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Sunday, August 14, 2005

15 mins at Kusu on a rainy, choppy, Sunday morning

The Blue Water Volunteers visited the reefs of Kusu island today for a reef check survey. It seemed all of us didn't get enough sleep because we completely zonked out the moment we got on the boat. I don't have pictures of the divers draped sloppily all over the bumboat 'cos I was one of the first to find a quiet corner and curl into a cacoon.

Not many pictures were taken unfortunately, as my buddy and I were incharge of the line laying. That meant that we were the first in, and we were to get out as soon as we were done because all of 6 surveyours were waiting for us on the surface! My buddy Ethena said she saw several fish. I guess it helped that she was the first in the water and ahead of me because I saw only one little damsel. Which was still nice. There was lots of coral, but one that I rarely get to see on Hantu are these Sarcophyton soft coral - in these 3 pictures.

Sarcophyton coral has a few common names such as Toadstool Coral, Leather Coral, Mushroom Leather Coral, and Trough Coral. They are a favourite amongst saltwater aquarists as this coral is known to adapt well to most lighting schemes & current levels. They also grow rapidly and are excellent for propagation.