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Sunday, April 24, 2005

BWV does Jong

Sunday, April 24

As part of their Dive In to Earth Day celebrations, the Blue Water Volunteers conducted a Reef Check survey at Pulau Jong, an outcrop of an island located East of Pulau Hantu.

The gorgeous verdure of Jong.

Sargassum seaweed pendulate in the shallows of Jong's fringe reef: Check out the outstanding vis! It is theorised that 5 years of a halt to reclaimation can restore a reef damaged by unnatural siltation to its original splendour.

Invaders! Parasites on a mushroom coral.

More of the reef scape...

Blooms of Neptunes Cup, a beautiful sponge found throughout the Indo-Pacific. These specimens suffer considerable bleaching.

Awww! Magnificent sea whips! This specimen over 2 meters in length.

Making like a coral, this Seagrass Filefish remains motionless to avoid detection.

Submerged beneath just 3 meters of water, is this outstanding colony of Psammocora coral.

The Earth Day Reef Check dive team.

No better day to celebate Earth Day than immersed in our local waters.