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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ria's talk

Ria gave a wonderful talk splashed with colurful pictures and sprinkles of humor at the library@orchard on Saturday afternoon.

"A feather star hooks on to the reef like this!..."

It was the crowd that really made the talk a great one, with an outstanding turn out of about a hundred people, who listened, laughed and lingered, picking up heaps of brochures and asking lots of questions; from "is the sea hare an echinoderm?" to "do you have a full time job?"

Ria: Great story-telling, Listeners: Really intent...!

Certainly a strong crowd grabber, were the beautiful prints of our unique coasts that were displayed at the library and appreciated by many!


Always important: FUND RAISING! Without funds, volunteer groups like the BWV, Wild Singapore and The Hantu Blog have to work a whole lot harder to achieve great deals for our coastal and marine areas. Contribute your money when you can. You'll be surprised how just a few dollars extra could make help make a project a success!

BWV volunteers educating and encouraging the public to purchase murchandise and become PRO-ACTIVE!

The Hantu Blog managed to steal a few moments from the talk too! Thanks to Dionne from BWV, who quickly threw the mike over the me after the Q&A session. We also managed to distribute some brochures on the Blog and our work! Yay!

"You HAVE to visit pulauhantu.org!"