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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Giant clams are an endangered species and are nearly extinct from our reefs. It is a beautiful animal and the biggest mollusk in the world, growing up to 4 feet long and weighing up to 550 pounds. Unique to the Indo-Pacific region, Giant clams are heavily traded for aquariums, restaurants, and as souvenirs. Because they need sunlight for food, sedimentation churned up by coastal development has seriously threatened their survival.

The Hantu Blog, together with the Tropical Marine Science Institute is launching a project to implement and monitor Giant clams in Hantu's reefs. This is the first time a Giant clam restoration project is involving the public in Singapore. It is a favourite animal amongst divers, it never fails to impress and is widely and heavily photographed. This truly is an opportunity to be a part of the effort to reintroduce a beautiful and ancient animal back into our reefs.

Volunteers will be involved in the task of transporting and implementating the articifial reefs bearing the clams onto the reef itself. You will therefore have to be a certified diver. This is the first stage of the entire restoration project. Followup trips will be conducted to monitor the growth and survival of the clams.

To register, send an email with

1. Your name and IC/Passport number,
2. Your email address, and
3. Your handphone number.