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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hantu flaunts it: Another super fantastic dive

Our dives are getting better and better each time we get out! On todays list were huge cuttlefish, palm-sized flatworms, a school of silver batfish and yellowtail fusiliers. There was also a small school of rabbitfish and snappers. Good vis reveals all.

There were heaps and heaps of nudis everywhere!

Exploring the deep of the north channel were gorgeous sea whips, and gorgonians...

...and their commensal shrimps and whip gobies like the one above. Several of these were spotted today. It was great!

The good currents that flow through the channel allows for a crazy diversity of animals such as crinoids (or feather stars). These brightly coloured species have long arms which trap food particles (that are carried in the current) that are sent along special grooves leading to the mouth located on the top of the small disc-like body.

Good vis allowed us to broadly view and be amazed at Hantu's rich and resilient reefs. Sergent majors, gropers, damsels, wrasses, butterfly fish and whiptails were all in the cast today.


More great coral cover! We're guessing that the momentary halt on dredging has really given our reefs a moment to breathe and have her beauty unveiled. We managed to do a good deal of coral and fish ID today, which was heaps fun! Nature is really resilient in that she'll fight to thrive and prosper as long as given a chance.

She looked beautiful from the surface - sargassum seaweed teasing the waters' surface. We could see several little fish from topside, brilliant!

Added to the great diving we had really good weather. A different realm, a great weekend, just 40mins from the mainland.