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Monday, October 04, 2004

From the 13th CITES CoP: Proposal to include Humphead wrasse on Appendix II

The humphead wrasse is found in healthy coral reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific region. It can live at least 30 years, grow up to two meters in length and weigh 190kg. Its numbers seem to be declining throughout its range. The species is particularly threatened by over-fishing for the live reef food fish trade, which services the luxury restaurant markets in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and other countries. At the same time, its coral habitat is threatened by destructive fishing techniques, overfishing, dredging, mining, sewage, sedimentation from deforestation and agriculture, and climate change. Fiji, the European Community and the United States therefore propose including the humphead wrasse on Appendix II. A similar United States proposal was rejected in 2002.