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Secret lives and secret worlds hidden in Singapore's most popular coral reef.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Talk "Coral Spawning: How do these animals do it?"

Date: 25 Sep (Sat)
Time: 3 - 4pm at the Singapore International Foundation Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd, #12-01 Everest & Kinabalu rooms

During this free talk and discussion on coral spawning, Dr. James Rolfe Guest (Research assistant, Tropical Marine Science Institute,working on giant clams) will share his exploits uncovering coral spawning and marine conservation issues. Previously it had been thought that the mass coral spawning would be absent close to the equator because of the lack of suitable seasonal environmental cues. As part of Dr Rolfe's PhD at the National University of Singapore, he looked at the corals around Singapore's southern islands and found that mass coral spawning does indeed occur in local waters! Singapore's southern islands are fringed by remarkably diverse coral reefs despite being subjected to relatively poor water conditions. All of these reefs are severely threatened by human activities, but none are formally protected. There'll be lots of time for discussion of this fascinating topic after the talk.

Contact: Dionne at mattebluewhite@yahoo.com.sg