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Friday, September 17, 2004

Commemorating ICCS 2004: Moorings at Hantu

In 1996, The National Council on the Environment (presently called the Singapore Environmental Council, SEC) together with Raffles Marina, Singapore Underwater Federation (SUF) and Shell Pte Ltd, initiated the installation of mooring buoys at Pulau Hantu to discourage use of anchors and reduce damage to the reef. The SUF involved volunteer divers to help deploy and maintain the buoys, while Shell Eastern Petroleum sponsored project costs of US$25,000.

However, the buoys were recently removed from Pulau Hantu and current visitors would have to drop anchor if they intend to dive at the fringing reef.

Visitorship remains strong at the island. On weekends as many as three boats can be found anchored on the north and western channel. We believe that the presence of just one mooring on either side would make a difference to the damage caused by anchorage.

It encourages boaters to remain conscious of the effects of anchoring as well as gives them the capacity to be more responsible. We've learnt through interviews that some boaters prefer not to anchor but are left without choice.

The Hantu Blog is looking for volunteers to help construct and implement simple moorings in Hantu.

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