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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Bobtail squid in Sentosa

If you think bizarre and strange creatures exist only in far-flung exotic places, think again. The Bobtail or Dumpling Squid (Eupyrmna sp.), well known to the Wallace region (Papua, New Guinea, Sulawesi, Komodo etc), has been keeping a quiet existence right here at home!

Chek Jawa Lady, Ria Tan from WildSingapore didn't know what this tiny (<2cm) squid this was when she photographed it in June this year, at Sentosa's inter-tidal. We're all very excited! Not only does this squid exist here, it can even be observed TOPSIDE!

Rob van der Loos in his book, Living Reefs of the Indo-Pacific, describes this squid "likes burrowing into soft sandy silt to hide by day. At night they employ luminescent bacteria in their body to confuse predators. This curious, shy creature usually emerges from its daytime slumber to take position on the sea floor and wait for prey."

According to the book, it's depth ranges from 2-30m, and is distributed through PNG, Australia, and much of the central Indo-Pacific region.