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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tough Plant

I got this from a book titled "THE LAST DIVE" by Bernie Chowdhury. He said this in this portion when he first started to learn to snorkel when he was a kid. It happened at this turbid lake near his granny's house. This is what he wrote. "Finning was a new feeling for a child who by birth and breeding had felt like an alien in every environment, a scout sent out to master the customs and language of a foreign territory. Although there wasnt much to see in the turbid lake, it thrilled me just the same when i dived a few feet down and saw a plant sticking out of the muddy bottom. Life could occur even in such a dark and unfriendly place."

Hmm... doesn't what he says sound like what I feel about Hantu? I always tell my friends who are learning diving. " Dont go overseas to dive. Whats the point. You just have such a nice place to dive here in singapore. First, you save on your course fees, next you see stuff which are common in aur and tioman and third you get to have much better water confidence!" The thoughts of the writer is just actually what i feel about hantu. Somewhere so dark and hostile, i still get to see plants, corals, fishes and even icon stars. Hey maybe on the next trip to hantu, shouldnt you open ur eyes a little more, you might even get to name a new species!!;p

Also, the tag board is getting a little stale, hope you guys just pop a few msgs there. Comments for our posts. It would just encourage us more to know that at least someone is responding to our posts! Thanks and Best fishes.;p